Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Prize Giving 2015

On December the 15th of 2015 the entire students of Glenbrae went to the hall to celebrate the children success in their learning. First every one had to settle down into their seats, as we waited for the excitement our lovely guests appeared like ninjas from behind us.

For our first song we sang he honore to welcome them to our prize giving. To start us of with a speech was Afe, one of the board trusties of Glenbrae School. The classes that were getting their prizes first was room 7, room 5, room 10 and room 1, their family members were happy to see their kids receive an award for the 2015 prize giving. Lollies were provided by their parents as a gift. The second song we sang was Tautavale. For the next classes to get their awards was room 9, room 8 and room 4.

The dux boy and girl was Alisi and  Lennyx, they were also award with the scholarship to Tamaki College School. And Luisa was awarded with the ofa kena award. As it came to the end of the prize giving we were being called to go and have morning tea and come back in to see their kids dance.

When we came back into the hall the parents were waiting see their kids show of their amazing talents. After all the classes performed we had to say goodbye to our dance fever teachers.

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