Tuesday, 17 February 2015

ICC Cricket World Cup Research

Malo lelei, talofa my name is Voni and today I have been reading and researching facts on England's cricket history.
First, England is in the north sea to the east and the English channel to the south separate England  from continental Europe. England participated in ICC CWC since 1877 and they have never won a single match in the world cup. There goal for this year is trying their best to win it and take the trophy home.

Image result for england's flag informationImage result for england's flag information

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Water Fun Day

On Monday the 9th the entire Glenbrae School did water fun day. We were shocked when our students saw the obstacles. We had to get into our colour house so we know which activity we had to go to. The obstacles that were put up, sponge race, up and down race, walk the plank, cup hold race, under the chair race and the water slide race. During the water we had to move to our last but not least activity. After that our houses had to meet back at the court, the winners of 2015 water fun day were Kauri and Rata. Suddenly we all cheered and said our chants.  THE END

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Myths and Legends

                                   The Cursed Cave
Once upon a time there was a cursed cave near a mountain full of bones and skulls. A boy named Sione wanted to see what it looked like inside the cave. He was warned by a man from his village, he said Sione “Do not enter that cave, you will be cursed forever”, Sione didn’t care about warning.

The next morning he woke up with his brother Aholelei, Sione told him that he will be taking a morning walk around the island. While walking Aholelei followed him to make sure he would not get into trouble. Aholelei saw him slithering down to the cursed cave. He bursted out of the bush and called him not to walk into the cave. Sione was shocked when aholelei stood there, he ran into the cave so he wouldn’t get caught by his brother.

Aholelei waited for hours near the cave, so he camped there for one night until he would get back. So the next day Aholelei woke up and found his brother talking to nobody, he took him to his dad so he can remove the curse from his body. When dad remove the curse from him he said never go back into that cave or else you will be talking to invisible strangers.

Sione realized that he would never go back into the cave again.