Monday, 9 December 2013

Net-Book Reflection

How has having a net-book helped my learning? I can save my work on it but and it will save or automatics. I can see my class site from home and be prepared for my work the next day. It is easy to present and share work to friends and teachers Send mail from home to the teacher aids.

Has having a net-book helped you communicate with your teacher? My teacher can communicate by putting comments on my document and tell us to recheck it again and also send us cool websites for Maths, Reading, Writing and Inquiry.

What have you learnt on-line? I've learnt on-line about how to do fraction and learn how to change time. Matching fractions to the same one, Taking a quiz on-line with a partner.
What have you learnt from your friends? What I have learnt from my friend is information about Nelson Mandela.
Have you helped other people this year? I have helped a student about Nelson Mandela and he has helped me to with it and also another student that taught me how to make a movie.
How has digital learning helped your learning? It has help me complete my work faster and also be more interested and excited about my learning because I am able to gather so much information for my learning by using my net-book.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Atheletics day

It is the 11th of November and we started our Athletics day. It was quite amazing to see our school join it, we had walk down to the court to court our year order. When we got into our order of ages, year 4,year 5, year 6, year 7 and the year 8.

The Y6 group took our first  event  and it was the 100 meter sprint race with Miss Tofa. So I had to race with the girls, we were sprinting to the finishing line when I felt  that the wind was slowing me down on the track. I came first in the race with the girls, Miss Tofa called out to the names of the people that will race for first, second and third place. I came third in the race.

Next we were with Miss Silva and Miss Pome'e down at the court doing relay. Miss Silva explained the rules to us. When she told the rules she got Kyana and Manuae to be the leaders of there groups. Kyana chose me to be in her team for the race, we lined up and the first person had to sprint down to Miss Pome'e and run back. One by one we ran as fast as we could to beat the other team. Bono, Brandon and magila made it through to the interschools.

After the relay we walked back up to do long jump with Miss D and Miss Atuahiva. Manuae gave a paper to Miss Atuahiva to check who will come first second and third place in long jump. I ran and made it a little on the mat but bono made it farer than everyone in the group. We were trying to jump on the mat but some landed on the grass.
Again bono, siotame and brandon made it.

When we finished our third event Miss Atuahiva told us to move on to shot put with Miss Moopanar. Miss Moopanar had to split  us up into  kauri, nikau, kowhai and  rata.We took our best on doing it  after james it was my turn. When I pushed it  landed on the ground  next to ilalio. It was 9.5m away from me, I came first in shot put second was bono and then siotame.