Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Science Intesive

Today my class and I were getting ready to go to Rm 9 and have our science fun. First, we each had to listen for instruction. After that we all had to get a partner to work with. Our science teacher Mr Narth gave us activities one by one. Our activity we needed to look at was mixing vinegar with salt and brown sugar. The next activity we did was putting mentos in diet coke, everyone in my class went outside to see what happens in the experiment. Others got a chance to put in the mentos, we all saw the coke sizzling and popping into small bubbles. Then finally, the last experiment we did was to look at how the brown sugared water and the salt water react. During our last science experiment we looked at it and one had black stuff and one was salt and vinegar.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Recount: My Holiday

In my fantastic holiday my family and I went to a concert in Favona. At the concert I met up with my besties and my funny cousins. My Mom and Dad went inside to cheer on with the audience.

While they were inside my cousins and I went running around in the dark wearing covered masks and black camouflage clothes. We both ran into different paths where no one can’t see us. I heard so much noise I couldn't stop playing in the dark.

Suddenly I heard a loud bang 2 blocks away from me. I ran as fast as a lightening and disappeared in the concert hall where everybody was. 

There was one act that had a family with a cute chubby baby that kept on dancing, the baby got the crowds attention, we didn't stop laughing with joy.

At the end kids were called up to do a dance battle for fun. After that we said prayers and sang at the end of the concert.

Kiwi Can

Today room 10 and I went to kiwi can. What we did was talk about reliability and how we can trust others. The first thing we did was to get into our energiser, it was called body beats. After that we got straight into our first activity called bounce ball hand ball. We were split into two groups every time the ball bounces the next person has to take over. It was the final round it was three on one match. For our last activity was to see how many points we've earned, we only scored 21 points. After that we did our goodbyes to the kiwi can leaders.

Friday, 12 June 2015

My Myth

100 years ago their was a tough warrior named Maui and his 6 brothers. Later on, Maui was out hunting by himself on a rainy day when he came by a huge and big black, white whale lying down on it’s heavy pounded stomach. Maui reached his hands towards the whale and patted him. So, then Maui the brave warrior ran as fast as he could back to his village to get food to feed the whale.

When Maui returned to the beach the big black whale had gone. He wanted to see when it was going to return, Maui set up a camp and waited and waited for 3 days. Then one morning the whale came sliding on a wave and landed right next to him. Couple of days later the whale became Maui’s friendly pet.

28 days later when everyone started knowing the whale one vicious man named Te Hone wanted to eat it up. Maui and his 6 muscular brothers were getting prepared for hunting day wait, Te Hone said, Maui let me watch him while you and your brothers go hunting “why, said Maui, Te Hone said I just want to know him. Maui did not trust Te Hone watching his pet whale. The 6 brothers agreed with Te Hone okay but just this once. Brothers of Maui went different directions, they had to met at the same place before dark. While they were out hunting creepy Te Hone had invited his friends from other tribes to come and eat a huge dinner. They grabbed ropes and nets to rap around the whale. ahhhh! the whale screamed. Maui heard the noise and he quickly ran back to the village.

Mmmm Te Hone said. Friends, of Te Hone's had heard something stomping on the ground, Maui's coming they said. They hurried and hid from him. As soon as possible Maui had found his pet whale's dead white bone's on muddy sand, Maui stomped and screamed Te Hone!!!!!! where are you vicious man. You are banished from this village Te Hone. Maui said you have five minutes to run.

So, then Te Hone ran through branches, big green vines and prickled grass. He had heard something moving, he turned around ahhhhh!!! a lion jumped out with his large teeth mmm. Maui had ran after him suddenly his dirty feet stepped on bones and blood, he found out that the hungry lion had eaten him alive. After that Maui had returned safely back to his peaceful village. THE END

Friday, 5 June 2015

All About Captain Cook

James Cook was born on 27 October 1728 in a small village near Middlesbrough in Yorkshire. His father was a farm worker. At the age of 17, Cook moved to the coast, settling in Whitby and finding work with a coal merchant. In 1755 Cook enlisted in the Royal Navy, serving in North America where he learnt to survey and chart coastal waters.
In 1769, the planet Venus was due to pass in front of the Sun, a rare event visible only in the southern hemisphere. The British government decided to send an expedition to observe the phenomenon. A more secret motive was to search for the fabled southern continent. Cook was chosen as commander.  Those on board included astronomer Charles Green and botanist Joseph Banks.
Endeavour arrived in Tahiti in April 1769 where Green was able to observe the transit of Venus. Endeavour continued on to New Zealand and then sailed along the length of Australia's eastern coast, which had never before been seen by Europeans. Cook claimed it for Britain and named it New South Wales. Cook and his crew then returned home, arriving in July 1771.
In 1772 Cook set out on a second voyage to look for the southern continent. His two ships sailed close to the Antarctic coast but were forced to turn back by the cold. They then visited New Zealand and Tahiti returning to England in 1775.
Cook's third voyage was to find the North-West Passage that was believed to link the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Unable to find the fabled route Cook took his two ships south and explored the island of Hawaii. Relations with the islanders were soured after the theft of a ship's boat. On 14 February Cook tried to take the local leader hostage. There was a scuffle and Cook was stabbed and killed.

World War 1 And World War 2 Poster

We will Remember them in Our heart:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.At the going down of the sun and in the morning,We will remember them.

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