Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Maths problem

HI my name is Voni F this is my maths work i did today
I finished it with my buddy timote. He had his own work
but still we finished it. WoW!!!! we said that was amazing and fun
for us to do.

Trip to Stardome

On thursday we went on a big green bus. At stardome we went in the movie it was like 3d. then we were sent out by andrew. He told us to leave and look at space adventures stuff. So we were exploring the stardome place. it was very exploring for us. we explored for about 15 or 10 min. we took photos and pretended to be an astronaut. Then we lined up for andrew to take us into this place. it was like a learning place. my place was so soft and hard because I was moving on it. andrew told us about how to brush your teeth in space and how to do some exercise also how to go to the toilet. we were laughing in there with a boy called phillip that was it then room 7 had to lead out first to the same bus to go back to school. the end