Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Exbidition Recount

The students of room 10 went down to room 3 to learn about gadgets that can be used. Our lesson teacher was a man named Maru. Maru works at the google company, he talked to us about using technology around communities.

We all amazed by the technology he had shown us, the technology he had shown us was viewers. Viewers is a new type of tech that has not been released around the globe. Were being told to try on the gears and see if it was fantastic.

Everybody in the room were screaming like monkeys in the air because our eyes were being blinded by the viewers. Our teacher Mrs Tofa was scaring us with people climbing on cliffs, shark under water and monkeys coming so close to us.

I felt really dizzy after wearing the viewers, so was everyone else. One by one we said thank you to Maru for a wonderful time.

Last Day At Hockey Session

Today, in the morning my room 10 classmates and I went to our last hockey session with our coach Lidia. Starting of with our session, we played a quick warm up game called octopus. For our second game we did relays to show our coach what we have learnt during the past few weeks. We were so exhausted we felt like giving up in front of the class. After that we moved onto our last game, my team won because we worked as a team, We thanked the coach for all her hard work.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Our Lesson With Rachel

Today Rachel, our credit worthy teacher came to our class to talk about lending property equipment to others. In between our lesson Miss Rachel picked four volunteers to show the class what credit worthy means to us. She wrote down on the board stuff we can help owe back to the people who had shared their things with us. Rachel gave us sheets to fill in the missing words for the sentences, it was difficult for me because the sentences were hard to solve.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Technology-Graffics Reflections

Today at Tamaki College the year 8 and 7 students went to finish their projects they had done. The year 8 students needed to finish their art. For the projects we did T - shirt printing and making fruit juice boxes. I was the only person who did T - shirt printing because I had brought my shirt. Some of us students were so tired because, finishing our art was the most hardest thing to do. Our time was finally up, so we hurried as fast as we could.

Image result for Tamaki college graphics
Image result for Tamaki college graphics

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Stardome Trip

Image result for Star dome
Today rooms 7,8, 9 and 10 went to star dome to learn about oxygen and gravity. When we reached our destination we each had a little bit of morning tea. Two classes had to go into the exhibit one at a time. It our turn to go inside and check out all of the planets and rockets that flew into outer space.

Image result for Star domeOur tour guider was Tim and he guided us to the space learning room. In the space room we learnt that the moon had to be far because if was next to the earth tides would rise onto the surface. We asked intelligent questions on space and global settings on the moon. As we came towards the end of our first session Siosifa expressed a thankful speech for Tim.

For our next activity we had to explore the exhibits so we could know more about gravity, rockets and space. After ten minutes had gone pass our tour guider Tim came to take us into the theater to watch  heroic scenes on stars.The show was spectacular because it talked about how gravity had formed the stars.

When the program had finished, we as a class had to show respect to those who were still working. I felt on the way back that my body was steaming with exhaustiveness.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Feuerstien Program

Today at Feuerstien we were discussing about how the All blacks win the rugby world cup final. We each had to speak about how and why did they win as a team. After our discussing we moved onto finishing our 4 instrumental booklets. Some of us wrote down the reflection we had done on the booklets that were given to us on the first day of our program. Each and everyone of us learnt that the AB team worked as a team to beat the Wallabies.
Image result for final rugby world cupImage result for final rugby world cup 2015