Friday, 16 August 2013

Persuasive Writing

Children should work from the age of 8.

I think that children should not work at the
age of 8 because they are too little for the
job, they might not have rests.

I disagree to this discussion because, if
they work they can’t reach anything and
also they can not lift anything.

I also disagree because they won’t have time to play
with their family and cousins.

Children are not fit to work from that age because they might get a head
injury and if break a bone in their leg
or arm when working.

To summarise, children are not ready physically to work in the jobs that adults work in. They still need time to grow up and enjoy their childhood.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Reading about trucks

Hi my name is Voni. My dad and I love trucks. And when I get older I want to work for a truck company. That is what I want for my job driving trucks.

Here are some trucks and what they do. The trunk can tip bark, sand, rocks and old grass. 

Friday, 9 August 2013

My reflection on my learning this wek

For the past four days I have been learning about angles in maths. Learning about angles is really exciting and we even rotated our bodies using different degrees to turn. I learnt that there is 360 degrees around a circle and 180 degrees in half a circle.

That was my reflection for this week.

Thursday, 1 August 2013


In my holiday I woke up and said “WOW what a sunshiny day”. I was pleased to have fun in my holiday.

When I first got up in the morning, I had to go with Anthony to exercise with our dog around St Heliers and Leybourne circle. Then we came back in a happy and smiley way. My brother and I  were so tired from  walking. We came and had a big rest in the fresh air outside. My brother felt like he had a fun day with me.  
After that we went to the Glen Innes pools. WE were excited to death because my brother said “ohh man Voni I can’t wait to get in the big pool in the middle”. I said “Do you mean the adult pool”. “Yes” he said. First when we got in we didn’t have to pay for it be cause it is for free.”WOW! I said you are right this is the one you mean”.

We got changed into out togs. I had flames on my shorts and he had water pictures on his shorts  too. “Yay” he said. I jumped into the pool and it was deep when I went into the middle.. We played in the pool until it got dark. Then we got out to get changed. Then we left the pool to go home to have dinner.

Then my brother and I went to our rooms to play Call of Duty. We were teams we shot them like a pancake. The zombies had to run after us to eat us. I said to him across the room “This is a cool game to play in the holidays” and he said “Of course it is what a cool game”. We got tired and went to sleep for a good day the next day.