Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Poem

Maths is fun
maths is cool
it is a session during school
hey! don’t be scared, when your adding fractions
because sooner or later, you will take action

Rugby is cool
rugby is fun don't worry
you will take a run
don't be scared to tackle or run
because one day crackle.

School is pretty cool
they love to play in a swimming pool
but if they don’t work and learn

they will look like fools.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Going To The ECE Learning Centre

Today the students of Room 10 went down to the ECE learning Centre to read and help young children's learn better in there age. We first Sang a song to cheer them up, then we had to choose one of the little kids to read a book to them. Our final part was when the young kids sang a Samoan farewell song.
Kết qua cho hình ảnh Glenbrae early learning centerKết qua cho hình ảnh Glenbrae early learning center

Monday, 18 May 2015


Ah :) what a fresh start to the morning,  the senior school were prepared to visit MOTAT. I was excited to go because I wanted to explore new objects that were brought in from World War 1 and World War 2. The first thing we did was to check our name tags, and check if all the classes were here to go. Suddenly each class heard a ruff' noise coming from in front of the school, IT”S THE BUS YAY!!.

As soon as possible we were on our way to MOTAT. The next thing we saw was that we were hearing loud banging digging on the side road. Suddenly we felt the bus stopping at MOTAT. Another school went first because they were young and short, our educator named Catherine, step by step told us the rules on how to behave while looking around MOTAT.

Our first program were to follow Catherine to a room near the fun room. In the educating room were world war 1 and 2 gears used on the Gallipoli battle field.

Then our last tour was to explore MOTAT with our thinking hats, Robin Plesius said a wonderful farewell to Catherine when it was time to leave, ahhhh :) everyone were talking to each other about what they saw at MOTAT

Friday, 1 May 2015

Technology with Mr Grundy

Today the 1st of May the year 8 and I went down to Tamaki College school to make wooden projects. Our technology teacher named Mr Grundy introduced himself to new students that joined. We had 3 or 2 more sessions to go, so everyone got into there projects to get it finished. One by one each persons name was called out when they needed help. All the time when someone is playing up they get sent out of the classroom for 10 mins. Suddenly the bell rang and so then we had to pack up and leave. Last but no lest we had to wait for the teacher to come get us.

Here is a site of Mr Grundy's Workshop: