Monday, 31 August 2015

My Poem

Do not oversleep and miss the school bus-
you'll be late.
That's a habit teachers generally 
don't appreciate.
Never tell your friends at school
that you still wet your bed.
They are sure to tease you,
and you'll wish that you were dead.
Never call your teacher a name
when she's not near you.
Teachers' ears are excellent,
so they can always hear you.
Do not read a textbook when your hands
aren't clean-it's tricky
to separate the pages when the pages
get real sticky.
When you go out for a team
it's always wise to practice.
When you are a substitute,
the bench can feel like cactus.
Do not copy homework from a friend
who is a dummy.
If you do, I'm sure that you
will get a grade that's crummy.
And if your report card's bad,
don't blame it on your buddy.
Kiss up to your parents quick,
or they might make you study.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

My English Migration Poster 2015

English Migration On New Zealand
                    By Voni
In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, New Zealand was seen by Europeans as the most remote country on earth. Fifty years after Captain Cook arrived in New Zealand 200 more people started settling there.

When the missionary Henry Williams arrived from England in 1823, not a single Maori had been converted to Christianity , and the community was divided. Four years later there were still only 20 adults and 40 children in the three Church Missionary Society stations of Rangihoua, Kerikeri and Pahia.

In early 19th-century Britain conditions were such that millions set off for the New World in search of a better life.The company introduced long-term settlers directly from Britain, as opposed to those who travelled across the Tasman simply to harvest resources or souls.

Of the 18,000 settlers who came directly from Britain between 1840 and 1852, about 14,000 were brought in by the company or its successors.  A third of the adult men were farm labourers, and another two-fifths were mechanics traditional rural craft workers such as builders or blacksmiths.
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Friday, 14 August 2015


Today my group and I went to Feuerstien to learn about 8 Cognitive Functions. We each had to choose one word out of the Cognitive Functions and research them. Our teacher Mr Sandi spoke to us about researching the words, we needed to search, draft, make a poster and then present it to the entire class. At the end of the session we all ha to write down what happen and what we learnt.

Friday, 7 August 2015


Image result for hazards in the kitchenToday the year 8 students of glen brae had cooking class for technology. We had to learn about the rules when you are in  cooking room. Everyone had to find 15 hazards and then write down what can they do to our body and others. Before finding the 15 hazards we needed to get into partners to figure it out. After looking for the 15 hazards we moved onto our last activity. In our partners we had to write down what we learnt and other facts.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Pacifika Displays

Today children's from Glenbrae School were selected to go and visit the Glenn Innes library to see displays of olden day instrument and tools they used without electricity. We were being greeted by a lady call MamaPiri. Our tour guiders were Viliami, Daren and Freda. They tought us to use the drill, polish the shells and using a tuna trap. After our activities we got to touch the instrument in front of the class, I got to drun the cook Island drum. We all had a small kai before we left.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Decimal Fractions

Image result for decimal chartToday my group and I have working with our teacher Mrs Tofa. We have been talking about how solve decimal problems faster. After our group dissgution we went away to solve challenging decimal questions on away net-books. It was interesting and hard because the problems were getting harder and harder. Image result for decimal chart

Beach Day

YAY! Beach day, it was a nice sunshiny day in Auckland with visitors and loud cheering from stadiums. It was a busy day for our family because our entire church drove to Orewa beach to celebrate our tag tournament. We had to find a sunny spot to set our tent, every child and some adults raced down to the beach like animals were being shot at with poisonous darts.

The game we played at the beach was bulrush, I was shocked because it was my favourite game to play when I am bored. Little toddlers were funny because they had kept walking towards the shore like baby turtles. During our fun time at the beach we were being called to have morning tea under the bright yellow sun. Yum, crispy chips, we all had one little packets each to eat. One by one others left to go back again to the beach.

We had another game to play and it was challenging for everyone because we had to run and dive into the water, swim and grab the floating ducks and then swim as fast as we could back to shore.

We were all tired so we returned back to take a nice warm shower before leaving. All of the mens were busy playing volleyball on the smooth sand. My dad said” if we could play”. It was my turn to play, I dominated 2 adults and 1 teenager, they chased me around and through bushes  and also on prickled grasses.

It was time for us to leave and say goodbye to others and families. I was exhausted and tired so I took myself and my little brother  into the van to take a nap. Home Sweet Home, here we come.  
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