Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Exbidition Recount

The students of room 10 went down to room 3 to learn about gadgets that can be used. Our lesson teacher was a man named Maru. Maru works at the google company, he talked to us about using technology around communities.

We all amazed by the technology he had shown us, the technology he had shown us was viewers. Viewers is a new type of tech that has not been released around the globe. Were being told to try on the gears and see if it was fantastic.

Everybody in the room were screaming like monkeys in the air because our eyes were being blinded by the viewers. Our teacher Mrs Tofa was scaring us with people climbing on cliffs, shark under water and monkeys coming so close to us.

I felt really dizzy after wearing the viewers, so was everyone else. One by one we said thank you to Maru for a wonderful time.

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